Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Survival Of The Fittest ahem.. Fattest -3

Don't you just get bored with me, I have nothing to blog except my stupid-horrible life!! I hope this is the last I'm going to blog about this topic.

No more details of what I did but I must stress this - everytime I wash the window and car, it starts to rain!!! @#$%气死人

A mummy asked me on Tuesday @ Ros's class, "what happens if your maid doesn't come back?" I told her "then, it's her loss not mine. She will have to 摸自己的良心." I doubt she will do it coz' she loves Aricia and she likes the life here compared to her country (but blood is thicker than water). We've been treating her really well, bringing her out to restaurants; buy her camera on her birthday. And why her loss? Coz' it's not going to be easy for her to come to SIN to work with her qualifications and if she wants to work as a FDW, will she be lucky/unlucky to work for me again. I can understand if she feels homesick etc... and don't want to come back but at least give me an answer instead of letting me dangling in the air and helper-less and helpless in the next months to come before the next helper comes along. Oh well... mom also asked me "yah, if she don't want to come back how?" " I throw away all her things lor! Simple!" Heartless.

I get questioned on how I am doing/coping. I think I'm coping well, I think everyone is adaptable to changes and no matter what will learn how to cope. If they can't do anything and whine over "tired, cannot...." like my che-che (dunno how to pull down panties, dunno how to shower, dunno how to.... which drives me crazy) then I think those mothers are useless. Face it! Everyone's tired. When I was a FTWM, I had to do the housework and give che-che her lessons, I also managed to cope what?! When I am a SAHM and busy with the kids, I also managed to cope what?! And now I'm helper-less and gotta bao-ga-liao everything I also can cope what?!!
I'm not a super mummy or what, but I believe everyone can learn to cope themselves. It's just like I commented to friends, " I hate to feed Aricia coz' very difficult", then I get questioned back "then what happens during holidays?" Of course by then I'll have no choice but to feed her, not 两粒汤圆. And perhaps during holidays, I already take it easy since I'm so relaxed, I might be able to feed her too.

MH and myself have once discussed how some mummies can cope without helper. I always salute these people for their capability but now I'm in the same situation, I don't find myself being able to do things that those mummies can do. Perhaps coz' I'm too fussy about cleanliness so need to clean, perhaps those mummies' house are messy (in my standard). Perhaps I am not that good enough to get the multi-tasking award. Perhaps ... whatever it is, this life is not what I want. I don't need and I am not a tai-tai but I need my life back. I want to go shopping to relax myself, I want to go Spa, I want to go for facials (think I'd have to use toilet scrub to scrub my face now) while busy with the kids so that I have a balance of everything good and bad.

So, I know it's going to be me surviving yet another 24 more days . I won't. Nope! not at all...coz' I still want to enjoy the rest of my life, but I do look forward to her coming back coz' this is surely not the way I want to lead my life. I find myself popping Aricia infront of her VCDs more than before (thank goodness they're not trash VCDs), I don't spend as much time with her as before (without compromising on her daily home sessions still). I want my life back where I can spend more time with my children & not the stupid housework. I want my life back where I can bake for my children. I want my life back where I can お弁当 for che-che. I want my life back where I can go on my illegal business of printing flashcards.


4MalMal said...

hi i chanced upon your blog. Looks like u r surviving well without your helper but it's definitely better to be a tai tai :D

Lily Ann said...

But better to act helpless infront of hubby right??....heehee!