Thursday, August 31, 2006

My day/ My check up

For the first time my appointment is in the afternoon (Dr Teoh had to do a surgery).

I brought Athena out with me at 10am, as her school is closed for today and tomorrow. We reached town at 10plus, enough time for a stroll to Takashimaya where I needed to get some things from Creative Hands. She made a stop at The Better Toy Shop before heading for lunch. She didn't finish her food as she was complaining hungry earlier on and she had 2 slices of bread (as shown)
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I couldn't help to finish her lunch for her it as I'm still fasting. After lunch, we headed to where else?! - Her favourite shop - ELC.

The time spent in ELC was neither too long nor was it too short, but it was good enough for me to walk over to Mt E in time for my appointment.

Dr did the scan for me today, checking on all the measurements etc... which obviously I didn't understand. I am only interested to know how heavy Aricia is. Then he made a comment "baby is very small", (he had a funny look on his face which made me worry) and then stared back into the screen. He kept turning the probe here and there and I didn't feel Aricia move at all. The moment he brought up the probe, Aricia started to move and was making some funny light movements - as if she was so irrtated with the ultrasound waves. I bursts out laughing at her actions.
I don't know if he was under tremendous pressure today as he just got back from a surgery in the afternoon and then he had to cancel all the other appointments from 3pm onwards for some complications/emergencies cases that came up at last minute.
But anyway I checked with Nora on Aricia's weight. And she told me 2.08AC, which she explained is the measurement of the baby's blah blah. I don't know what she said as it made me even more confused, I didn't want to question further as they were all so busy. Then when I asked her what was Athena's weight at the same gestation. She said "it's the same.." Huh?
Dr did asked me what was Athena's weight when born. He said that Aricia should be around the same weight - in other words all the baby I carry aresmall babies. In other words, my tummy will always looked smaller than normal people. So does it mean I don't get stretchmarks again this time round??
I am only worried about how much I can help Aricia gain weight. Supposedly 2.08kg is the weight now, she only gained 100grams (1 pack of Famous Amos cookies) within 10 days? So I don't have that many weeks to go to help me gain more weight for her. And I did tell Dr my worry that now I can't eat alot to help her but on the other hand - I had to watch what I eat. So how to help her? "Don't worry the baby is like a parasite now. She will absorb everything you eat. Don't worry she's not at any risk. But call us if within 4 hours you don't feel any movements from her."
What really went through my mind was 'better take everything from me. I am in the range of what I wanted my weight gain to be - 10kg or less, so don't don't let everything come back to me again.'

I was telling Peck Lin that Dr said my baby is small. Then she mentioned something that I should relax and not do anything. I told her I'm on the move all the time and I'm also exercising. What she said after that really surprised me - "so now you must learn to relax and rest. Don't be on the move all the time." I thought it's good to exercise? Well, it makes birthing easy. Actually it makes no difference to me who's going under the knife again, but at least I felt healthier during my pregnancy and I think it did prevent those ugly greenie lines. So is she suggesting that those people who gave birth to 3.XX kg baby don't exercise and they are practically lazing around during their pregnancy? Then I must say my life is bad, becoz' before I had my helper, I had to do all the household chores and wash car. Does that also explain the size of my tummy?

My weight today? 65.7 (gained 0.1kg from last appointment 10 days ago. Total weight gain 8.7kg))

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