Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nesting Instinct

My nesting instinct came too late this time round. Perhaps maybe I was too busy with the elder girl to want to accomplish anything for baby Aricia.

But somehow these two days I don't know why I suddenly have the urge to bake a muffin or cake or something. Something which I've not done for a long long time (not like as if Aricia can benefit from the stuffs I bake) since I got married?? Mom used to have those conventional oven where it's so easy to control the timer and temperature. And since we moved out on our own, and having insisted on buying a "can bake microwave" - hubby retorted "like how often you bake? - I still haven't figured out how to bake using our microwave.

But what a thing to want to do at this time, when I have to watch my carbohydrates and sugar intake.

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