Saturday, August 12, 2006

Girl ordering around

I can't recall if I had any entry on the other side of my little girl - bossing around.

If Kai Zet wants to call "mum", she should call my girl "mum"and not me.

Weeks ago, KZ was scrubbing the grouts in the living room, after I stopped for a rest. Athena stood there looking at her cleaning the grouts; with one hand on her hips and pointing "Aunty Zep (Zet), here still very dirty.. later after you clean there finish; clean here." She looks funny with her actions and we bursts out laughing. But I have to correct her after that.

Well, that incident is only the first we've seen the other side of her. On several occasions, KZ will say goodnight to me first, and then walk towards our MasterBedRoom, wanting to say goodnight to hubby. But before she could reach he door, the naughty little girl would tell her "you never say goodnight to Sir. " Then recently, girl knew it's time for bed, told her "you never say goodnight to mum and Sir."

When we're in the supermarket, she likes to sit/stand inside the trolley. And she'll say "Sir is over there.... or mum is over there. Hurry! " Quite hilarious if you ask me.

Today, hubby brought her down to the carwash bay to drive the car back to a lot. ( I fell asleep) Hubby told me, the moment she went down she told her "here still dirty, there still dirty...."

She's quite bossy don't you think? I can imagine her ordering her sister and cousin around. Yup! My SIL is now in her 3rd going to 4th month of pregnancy. So we say, she's going to be the 'dai gah che'.

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