Saturday, August 19, 2006

A surprise visitor

Our house has been relatively quiet the whole day until 5plus when we had a surprise visitor.

I was in Athena's room with Athena and KZ putting in the newly laundered baby clothes for Aricia when........ a dog wagging its tail and went "heee heee heee" greeted us infront of the room. We were kindda calm, KZ can even turn around and tell Athena "Hey, Athena you see a dog. Come.. " I was smiling and went back packing. As we had kept dogs in my family since as I can remember, for a moment I forgot that we didn't keep a dog this time round.
Then it struck me, this is not my dog! I turned and asked KZ "since when we had a dog?" We bursts out laughing as we realise we had a runaway dog in our house.
Hubby heard the commotion and came out, looking at the dog. And that dog just went hyper; running about - wanting to play. I wish I can play with it but I can't run after that 'Energizer' dog. I wanted to lead the dog out of our house to our neighbour but seeing it so active, decided that I had better carry it - otherwise I may end up chasing the dog along our corridor. That dog didn't even obey. I went "Sit! Sit!", "stay, stay!" and it was still running around. Allowing me only enough time to pat but not carry.
Then the spotlight came on me, I was an actress on "stage" with my hubby (audience) sitting down on the sofa and holding onto Athena (she got a shock)and KZ (audience) standing there looking on. I wish one of them could help... but how was I suppose to ask them to help when my hubby never knew how to handle a dog, and I'm not sure if KZ is afraid of dog. So this pregnant woman with a belly was trying to coax the dog.When I was about to carry the dog, it ran off again and then I gotta move my Humpty Dumpty body from the squatting position. This went on for about 3 minutes and at a few places (squat, unsquat), until I went to open the fridge and brought out Athena's sweet to stop the dog.
Dog lovers, not to worry I didn't give that Shih Tsu sweets at all. I brought it over to my neighbour's place. Their daughter came out and was laughing at how their dog could go into our house. Yup! Both households had the wooden door open so the dog could squeeze out of their metal gate and into ours. Come to think of it, it's really hilarious but it did liven up our boring household that moment.

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