Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Menu and schedule planned

I am quite prepared to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy, now that mom and myself have sat down and discussed on the schedule. What makes it much easier this time round is that I know when I will be giving birth to Aricia, so that a proper planning can be done.

I know it sounds crazy to make what schedules for post-pregnancy but I guess it's no choice as I have an elder daughter to care for this time round. If this was my first pregnancy, I won't even be bothered to do any planning.

Mom will not be my "confinement lady" as her health hasn't been really good over the years. But she said she will still need to help me a little bit, like grocery shopping for fresh produces (confinement food need fresh produces) twice a week (or thrice) if not who will help me? And she will have to help me brew herbs to nourish my health back. So happy when I was told that I not only still have to drink the red ginseng but also birdsnest!!
Sometimes if she's okay, she'll come by to help me care for Aricia especially so during the first week as I'll be "bed-ridden" (in my own words : I doubt I'll be 100% bedridden. I can't sit still for long kind.)with the stitches still raw and difficult to move about.

And then the headache part.. is about my menu. I'm a fussy eater, I don't eat pigs trotters; I don't eat pigs stomach; I don't eat liver; I don't eat......... Basically I'm only a fish, vegetables, pork and chicken person. Pork also must be those non-fatty type etc..and cook in certain style.... Until mom dunno what to ask KZ to cook for me. And that's not the only thing she had to deal with me. I also don't eat much, I can simply have my 1/2 bowl or less of rice and one dish to make me happy.
Confinement food catering was definitely out of the option for me as there will be alot of leftovers. So she planned on some dishes which KZ can whip up for me.
At least now I've got the menu done and typed into the computer. So I know what I'll be eating on different days, and it also serves to remind KZ on what to cook for me every day.

When the date draws nearer, schedules will be printed and pasted on the fridge door - like how a hotel or a big restaurant would operate. Haha!

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