Monday, August 28, 2006

Met Godma Wilma / The rest of the day

After many emails, we have finally arranged to lunch together at Mezza9. She kept insisting on meeting up before I pop. 4 years ago, she was the last friend I met before I gave birth, will history repeat itself again?

Prior to meeting Wilma, I went over to Isetan supermarket to get some things and was drooling over the chocolates. And if that's not enough, I had to pass by Sun Moulin on the way out. The chocolate croissants and swiss rolls were so tempting.

We had a nice meal over our chats. It's really amazing, we've been emailing almost everyday but we still can find topics to talk about. Once, Aricia gave me a kick, she thought I was about to give birth. Anyway, I assured that if I needed to give birth, she'd walk me over to Mt. Elizabeth - so closeby.

Before we left, she gave her god-daughter a rubba rubba. Aricia didn't respond when she was calling her "Aricia". Probably found her voice so unfamiliar. When we parted ways, Aricia started moving about actively. Naughty girl!She's your Godma leh!

I still had alot of time left, so walked over to Borders to grab a book. Darn! Just when I had to watch my diet, I had to pass by NYDC and Big O. Staffs walked up "Table for?" What am I to say? "No, I'm just drooling over your cakes??" I kept looking at the chocolate cakes on display. Yummy. It was not enough to satisfy my craving.
In order to avoid the peak rush hour, I quickly left before 5pm.

Feels relaxing without the girl at home. Don't have to nag, suddenly the house is so quiet.

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ros said...

Hmmm .... haven't had anythin sweet for quite some time. My bb loves salty & sour stuff. Anythin sweet tat goes in gets "rejected"!