Saturday, August 5, 2006

My daughter's so "filial"

Brought girl out to meet her favourite Aunty Jus today. But before that, I gave her her lunch first as she's a cheena girl - fussy about food.

I was nagging at her for not eating much as she started counting "mummy, one more spoon ok?"
M: You don't eat alot, what happens if next time mei-mei's bigger than you?
A: (paused)
A: Then mei-mei and me get married together lah
M: No, cannot! 2 of you cannot leave house the same time!
.... I don't get the connection between our conversation. But oh well...... kids!
And as if I thought she would have a full-stop there. She continued rattling on..
A: Then next time mei-mei and me come back together to see daddy, mummy. I drive the car, mei-mei sit infront. Daddy mummy sit behind. Then I drive drive drive (actioning the movement of steering wheel) and we go Sengkang to eat.

Wow! So filial hor? But then is this what we'll get from them after the weekly Sakae Sushi meals from me and how much we've spent on them??


pigbylicious said...

Quote of the day: "Mummy is Humpty Dumpty" :P

Liliane said...

Haha! That naughty girl!!