Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Glucose level shoot up??

I have to do a finger prick test when I go for my check-up tomorrow and for sure, I'll be in the unhealthy range even after fasting.

Well, can't blame me when there's a fantastic cake in mom's fridge.
Mom : There's a cake in the fridge. Go ahead and eat it
Me : No.... I must watch what I eat as I have to do a test tomorrow
Me : (went upstairs alone while she & KZ headed to the market) (opened the fridge to see the cake) Wah... very nice leh. (ate half of a sliced piece which I finished in 2 mouthfuls, then buay tahan took another one.)

After my lunch of mom's Mee Hoon Kuey, I had another small slice of cake.

My tea break - another small slice of cake.

I found out that dad's client bought the cake from Tower Club for dad. And boy! the cake is really the best I've tasted so far. This is what I call GREEDY!

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