Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Girl sways to the rhythm

Athena went for her 5th Music Wonderland lesson today. Her teacher, Jasmine, commented that she has good rhythm and the only one shaking to the music - while all the others just stood there and do what they're supposed to do.
Infact, Amanda's mummy turned and looked at me and said "your daughter's dancing!" I find it hilarious coz' she's like the only one moving her body (yippee! next time we can party together)
But somehow I'm also proud that she got her rhythm right (but some action wrong).

At the end of the lesson, her teacher commented that again and hugged her before the children left "she's my favourite student, I like her." I dunno how the other parents felt.. I mean any parent would feel horrible if their child is not praised right? Somehow we gotta be modest and say "she anyhow dance one.." easing the feeling that other parents might feel.

Having said so, she likes to dance. She enjoys dancing to Hi-5, which is a "must watch" before she leaves school every morning. But she refuses to dance in school morning assembly!

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