Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I'm such a gracious driver

Never in my life have I ever been such a gracious driver until today.

Was on our way home after our photography session, when I remembered about the ERP gantry at CTE(AMK) which is operational from 6-8pm.

I went slow, keeping from right lane to left lane. And going as slow as I can. And when cars wanted to cut into my lane, I graciously gave in to them. Such a nice driver hor??
Somehow, nearing the gantry, I told Zet "you know why all the cars are going slow?" She replied "yes mum. You always drive fast, why so slow now?" So I explained to her. Then near the Braddell exit, I was looking at the time 7.58pm and jumped to 7.59pm.
"I need a miracle!!"
Zet who was sitting behind leaned forward and we all shouted "yeh" when the lights went off when I was about 150m-200m away.

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