Friday, August 25, 2006

Met a very unreasonable person

Mom, KZ and myself went out a little early today to TM - as I needed a haircut and to run some errands.

As I went for my haircut, mom and KZ walked around on their own. After I have finished my haircut we called one another and decided to meet at McDonalds for a drink. Mom and KZ reached there first- a few minutes earlier than me.

When I sat down, I noticed there was a Prudential Policy File on the table, and asked mom who it belonged to. She said she had no idea, so we presumed that somebody had accidentally left it behind, so we left it on one side of the table. We were chatting and then decided to order a drink. Mom ordered a drink for me and went to get an ice-cream for KZ. When the 2 of them left the table, one lady came up to me and told me in mandarin " just now a lady wearing white and light blue told me she'll come back for her file. She said she's gone to the toilet but it has been quite some time already.. I still don't see her. Later she will come back to take the file." So what do you translate? She'll take the file and leave right? Either that or the lady who was asked to lookout didn't comprehend what the insurance lady was telling her.

We were happily chatting for a good whole 20 minutes (20 minutes!!) when suddenly this mad lady came to me and told me off, cocking her head to one side; finger pointing on the table (and with the most irritating face) "Why are you sitting here? This is my place you know?" For a moment I feel like hitting her head to make it cock the other side. So rude right??
M : How would I know this is your table?
She: I left my file here what?
M : So... we've been sitting here for so long already. We thought someone before us had left it behind.
She: (she like kept standing there insisting that we leave the table)I told a lady to watch my things what?
M : A lady? After a long time then she told me that you're coming back to take your file. That is after we've seated down for a long time. She never stopped us earlier on and she never told us it's a reserved table.

Mom upon hearing the unreasonable bitch's comments to me, told her off.
Mom : Ai yoh... you want to reserve the table. Get someone to sit here lah!
She : My client still not here
Mom : So? Then reserve for what? You ask a stranger to lookout for you, where got people so kind to help you to the end. You leave your file here no use one lah. Nobody told us.... ai yah... you talk so much for what.... we won't be sitting here until night time what. You can have YOUR table back after we leave.

(* clap * clap )
Then her client came, but we purposely didn't want to leave the table. So she had no choice but to pass the file to the person and left. And you know what? We continued chatting for the next 15 minutes or so, and then when we were about to leave, I saw her sitting next to us again. Yah! At that time, I didn't know she was there and was making sacrastic remarks at her. Haha! She heard me.

So, she probably thought that the stranger would help her lookout while she go jalan jalan? I mean who would spend more than 20 minutes in a toilet?
She's got an irritating face ( I didn't say it just because she offended me ) and I hate her pointing gesture.

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