Monday, August 14, 2006

Never push me around

I simply hate it when some inconsiderate or rude people will push you by your shoulder just to walk past you.

In the afternoon, one (definitely much older) Eurasian lady just had to push my luck, and unfortunate her for getting a lashing from me in the supermarket spouting fire; embarrassing her infront of so many people.Until she kept apologizing.

She : (pushed me on my shoulder making me turn move further to my left)
Me : Hey! Why did you push me?
She : You are in the way
Me : I am walking as well, what in the way?
She : You are in my way
Me : Can't you see who's walking (pointing to my tummy)
She : Oh, I don't know.
Me : Whether it is a pregnant woman ; old lady or what. You don't push to get your way through
She : You are blocking me what???
Me : Do you have eyes growing behind you? My eyes are infront not behind, how would I know you are behind me?
Me : Can't you just open you mouth and tell me "Excuse me?"
She : Sorry.... sorry.... sorry.....

Good thing this happened near the cashier in YES, so there were quite a number of people around there. She must have left the place quite soon after, darn embarrassed.

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