Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wise advice

In light of the recent spat of a terrorist plot to blow up commercial airliners over the Atlantic, it had suddenly dawned upon me that 2 years+ ago a worldly and worthy advice was given to me.

2 years+ ago, I was accepted as a flying mother in SQ. At that time, I was jumping for joy because I missed flying so much. And getting in after the interview (yup. Had to go through interview again) was not easy.. It's a chance of a lifetime for me to finish that remaining 2+ years.

But then again, hubby's words made me think twice when he warned that he'll be travelling alot in his current post. I cried and didn't know what to do, here I am stuck with the choice of fulfilling my dream job and another - a mother. Two close friends knew about it, also gave me their penny thoughts.

However, one person, Aunty Pat actually told me so many things that I was so blinded to see. She did warn about the future, if any terrorists attack etc.. and if it's worth my life to sacrifice my child for this job. In the end, I had to make that phonecall back to SQ to reject the offer. Of course, Ben Teo asked "Are you sure, you are lucky to be the selected few. Once you reject this offer, you can never come back to rejoin the company anymore."Truthfully, the words did hurt alot. But after hearing last weeks' news, I am glad that Aunty Pat had managed to talk me out of it.

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