Monday, August 21, 2006

Visit to my obstertrician

Had my book and a Sudoku game to keep me company today, as I had to stay longer than 2 hours in the clinic for my GTT - which I told them it's a waste of time, might as well just diagnose me with GD since they said I had it the last time. But well procedure is still a procedure. If I don't hear from them by Wednesday means it's good news. If not I will have to control my diet till the end of pregnancy - which I have been doing since I was preggie.
It is horrible to gulp down that bottle of glucose drink in 5 minutes. I think it's much lesser in quantity as compared to what I had to drink 4 yrs ago. I think.......But if it's chocolates, it'll be down in my throat in less than that!

Tried getting a snapshot of Aricia but she had her hand covering her mouth. And then asked to check whether got hair or not.. seems like she don't have much hair as compared to her elder sister. Argh!!
Her weight to date : 1.98 kg (an increase of 0.28 over 17 days)
Athena's weight at this week : 1.87kg
Athena's birth weight at 38+ weeks was : 2.615kg.
So now, I'm trying to calculate if Aricia will be bigger than Athena at birth. Perhaps it's time I should stop worrying if I've put on too much weight and eat more.
My weight to date : 65.6kg (an increase of 0.6kg & 9.1kg in total)

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