Tuesday, August 8, 2006

What mom says is FINAL!

You know, my daughter is afraid of me. She will look at me when I'm angry and starts scolding her, ultimately she will somehow apologize to me. If it's daddy, she won't apologize at all.

She gives me that kind of look also, and sometimes look at me to seek my approval on normal occasions.

Earlier on, she made me angry. I ignored her, she simply refused to go back to our room (I was in her room using the laptop). And almost dozed off in her own bed, until she heard me switching off the main switch and jump up saying "I want mummy....."

I know she is tired, but when I'm angry and want her to do things eg. pee before bed, wear PJS - she'll do it on her own and fast too! She continued looking at me; hoping that I'll give her a hug. But I didn't want to soothe her.

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