Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hubs Family Day

It's Hubby's Family Day. It was a 'own time own target' trip to Hollywood Dinos (mei-mei kept thinking we were going to see Barney).

She was still alright when we were outside but once inside, she ran to daddy asking him to "putect me".

Very disappointing .......not worth the $$. They kept asking me on the other dinosaurs which I've shown them in flashcards. Nope! Not there! And being curious, asked me the names of the dinosaurs we saw. Who's that idiot who gave funny and hard-to-pronounce names??

Photos :

(Che-che : Eeks! Mei-mei : Roarrrrr!)

We walked for only less than 30 mins and che-che got lovebites. Can't believe this!

Mei-mei seated on a lion chair.

After that we left for dinner at nearby Arena Country Club. I haven't seen some of his colleagues for quite some time, our kids have grown. Ehh.......I think that was like 2-3 years back when mei-mei was a teeny weeny little baby. ??? (and she still looks small). Met one of his colleague, whom I'm so thankful for for knocking some sense in hubby, girl's in P4 in che-che's school. Girl's shy; Athena's shy. No conversation between them.

For the next 3 hours, I sat next to Ariciasaurus. Very irritating to hear her grunt like a dinosaur throughout dinner. Eat one mouthful; make some noise; another mouthful; make more noise. She found it amusing too and kept saying "I'm dinosaur". On the other hand, it was funny.
Not halfway through dinner, they started some games. I'm surprised that she was listening though she was grunting. MC asked "I need some children 6 years and below". That girl actually stood up from her high chair. First to stand up, naturally mother happy that she's so sporting. Hubby dowan to go up coz' it's the Parent & Child Look Alike Contest. I helped her down she walked up to the front without hubby, the lady asked her to find her parents, she came back for "Papa.. come! Papa come!" and pulled his hand. Kept refusing until he also paiseh coz' the girl was shouting so loud.

They then had to walk to all the tables to garner support. I was the only one walking behind them coz' mummy had to support them too right?? No lah! Photos for my blog more likely. Hee!

Only one shot looks clear. Shucks! Mummy PR-ed too much already.

He received the 2nd loudest claps. All the support from HR Dept.
Mei-mei is so super thick-skinned when MC told them to collect their prizes, she was the first to rush forward and take. Dunno if she did say Thank You to her or not. I thought it looked rather abrupt and rude.
But then............I have a happy ARICIASAURUS. (a small but loud dinosaur) She kept fiddling with the prize and forgot about it until 10 mins later she began making noise again.
Another look-alike contest for the older kids. Umm.... I would have jumped up to take part if che-che qualifies.
A dance competition followed. Mei-mei volunteered (again) - very sporting. Ran out first, came back for che-che pulled her hand "che-che.. come come che-che come and dance." Scenerio familiar? Che-che's just like daddy. Colleagues saw and thought she was very sporting; buay paiseh (like the mother so thick skinned). Che-che refused to go up until MC had no choice but to call names. Heehee! But she very guai lor... still dare to walk out.
when the first girl went on stage, mei-mei went up as well (she don't seem to understand why she was up there I guess). Stood infront of the girl; went back to pull che-che up the stage. Ah ha! My 2 girls will face the audience doing their best in what they always do best in public. > Stand there and do nothing.!!!! Mother paiseh dunno where to hide face. My kids stage fright lah! They dance crazily at home for us but dare not do it in public. I think mei-mei will do it but she wanted her che-che to accompany her; che-che's shy so in the end my 2 kids stood there. Sigh...

Never mind, they got a prize each for doing nothing. So clever right? Trying to console myself. Hahaha. We gave one prize away to another of his colleague.

The dinner ended and we made our way back home. Kids fight (again) behind; switched places with the kids. Che-che's happy seated infront while I carried my ARICIASAURUS, who was once so fierce and now quiet, to sleep.

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