Sunday, January 3, 2010

School's IN

You know it's time to go to school when :

1) the TV's almost burnt out from excessive usage
2) you see school bags hanging on the bamboo poles (which I think is too late to wash the bags)
3) you see school uniform on the poles
4) parents tell their children "we're staying at home for dinner coz' you gotta wake up early tomorrow"

and finally
5) the mother cannot tahan already. Kids bickering almost 24hrs.

For mei-mei, it was a daily affair despite the school hols to chaffeur her to school. For che-che, finally I can get that girl off me. I need time and space on my own!!

For che-che she didn't take that long/wasn't difficult to get into bed the usual early bedtime hours. She quickly brushed her teeth and jumped into bed. I closed their room door and heard mei-mei talking to her - disturbing her. Che-che asked her to stop talking, mei-mei continued to yak.
I had her schoolbag packed days before (eh no......the moment I had them wrapped in November). There's school locker so brought the necessary stuffs. She wanted to use the Disney Princess bag (the one that she brought for our recent trip) mom bought her. I don't think that bag is suitable for her; so uncomfortable. Anyway, the old bag still looks new so I told her she can use the new bag after the current one's spoilt.
School uniform re-ironed and hanged. Back to the daily drills, back to hoarding a parking lot in MSCP in Marine Parade in the afternoon.
Everything is done. But oh no! Mother's a blunder. I forgot to check if she could still wear her shoes. She can't wear both canvas and sports shoes. Argh!!!!! No choice she has to bear with it for one day.
As for her hair - she wants to keep long. Which means I'll have to tie for her. Sigh...........

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