Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poor thing

Che-che told me that they were tasked to take care of the P1s during school recess. I thought wah... so soon? Thought P3s get to do it? But it's good training I guess, brings up their confidence. Actually not so for che-che coz' she's rather authoritative towards her mei-mei at home.

And then ............she complained to me. "Mummy, my buddy (which I corrected her later, she's the buddy but that P1 girl is her mentee) very talkative. She's a Malay and I help her buy food at Rasa Sayang. And she talks alot, talked so much until I have not enough time to eat." "She's probably curious about the school and talking about school right? So you will need to spend the time explaining to her." "No, I dunno what she is talking about. And I didn't answer her much."
LOL. So, how come my daughter didn't have time to finish her food?? I'm puzzledaim smileys
So the very next day, I asked KZ to pack more food so that she won't have to go and buy food and waste more time.

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