Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aricia's ...

egoistic. Put it in simple terms - she's hao lian. Since she's able to go diaperless, she's been so happy. She keeps asking us to bring her to the toilet, pee a little, asks for sticker, 5 mins later wants to pee; asks for sticker. She outsmart us by getting more stickers = get closer to her rewards.

Then, she comes back home from school today boasting "Teacher A say I am a big girl, cannot wear diapers (I said that too but she didn't listen to me!!). I am in N2 already, big girl. I no wear diapers now. Allegra still wearing diapers, big girl already cannot wear diapers she still wear diapers.
I feigned ignorance and asked her "who's still wearing diapers?"
"Allegra!" points her pointer up in the air.

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