Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I changed her LW class to Wednesday but now beginning to regret. Coz' it means that I have to deliberately drive home to get her to shower and come out again and then make the mad rush to TM after that for her music lesson. And it's not like I live nearby!!
Marine Parade > Punggol > Marine Parade > Tampines > Punggol
What makes life a little easier is that I've asked KZ to pack che-che's lunch so that she eats on the journey home in the car. I don't have to scream at her to finish her lunch fast. The moment we get back home, she showers and we leave. Should have some time to go through some work with her before that.

I contemplated if I should change centre for her, or timing or look for new alternative/s while waiting for her.

My final choice - NO. Coz' she was so happy (despite she was almost in tears - aiyoh! not again!! prior to the class) and told me she has 2 friends from her school in her same class. And she knows one of them rather well. Hmm.. so can't pull her out and risk having her cry again when she's in new centre.

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