Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been wondering if making che-che learn the piano (and in the future mei-mei, considering violin for her too!) was a wise choice. My idea was to let them learn music coz' I have the selfish mentality that music is better than any other art.
Then I noticed the children love to dance. Infact, I saw that che-che loved to dance about a few years back. Asked if she wanted to learn dancing but she didn't say anything. I was definitely willing to let her learn dancing BUT she wasn't going to drop music.

Che-che would try to choreograph dance by making her little muse - meimei - to dance with her and tell her what to do. Of course mei-mei would gladly follow. You see how they run into the "stage area" from the coffee table and dance, then run back to the table or towards the kitchen. Then run in again. Hilarious! I tried videotaping them down, but the moment they see the camera - they stop!

For the past few days, since Wednesday, they've been dancing. Che-che brought home the Concert DVD and the 2 girls danced. And I must admit, the 2 girls danced rather well. As for mei-mei she knew the sequence without watching the TV. Cute! Their favourite dance items - Copacabana and one dance using hula hoops.
I asked che-che again if she wanted to learn dancing, she was so agile and could shake her buttocks so well. But still... I don't get any answer from her. I give her a choice if she wants to learn dancing but I decide for her to take up ballroom dancing. Hmmm..

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