Saturday, January 23, 2010



Last evening, my lil' girl finally pee-ed sitting on the toilet seat. KZ sat with her, coaxed her until she was so thirsty. Then finally that girl pee. Her remark was "ay... like mummy, like che-che, like daddy, like Aunty Zet like that" That's really an achievement, to think that we've abandoned the idea of 'forcing her to go diaperless' only the week before.

Today, the first pee in the morning proved to be a tedious affair. Took a realllllyyyyyyyyyyy long time before she did. Credit goes to KZ for coaxing that girl, when I came in wanting to take over she chased me out of the toilet. KZ had to continue. Thereafter, she managed another 2 times. We made sure she was really VERY urgent, that she had to cross her legs while standing/sitting, that made the job easier.

She finally got her reward - a baby stroller to push her Pluto, her Mimi baby and her "che-che's Andrea" (she never forgets about her sister) - from KZ.

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