Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Toilet training at home
Hubby was so free to help to bring mei-mei to the toilet. He was so pleased that she was willing to sit on the toilet seat, asked everyone to "Come to see her" ?????? Oi! You mean he wasn't listening to what I've been telling him? And ..... goes to show how hands-on he is with the kids. Well, can't blame him. He's been really busy with work + school.
He was with her for 20 mins in the toilet, coaxed until he buay-tahan. He sounded so positive in his words whereas I'm the total opposite lor! Come on! Give me 2 kids who keep making me fed-up; shout at them; scold them etc.... and facing them the whole day does drive me out. Whatever patience I had is all GONE! No wonder nobody likes to be a SAHM and prefers to work.
20 mins later, he gave up. "Aricia, you must sit in the toilet already. Cannot wear diapers ok?"
The mother heard it, looked at him sacarstically. The child looked at him pretending not to understand any thing he said or she could have mosaic-ed out those words he said.
We (KZ and me) had been perservering for a year plus. Tried to put her in toilet seat/potty way back in June 2008. You say how much of patience we had. We can't do it not to mention for him? Only first time? He expects to see success?

Equation :
Lots of patience & 2 determined adults + 1 even more determined young girl = FAILURE!!

Toilet training at school
School gave up. She cried in school. Tells me she didn't want to go to school the night before but when she's in school she forgets coz' she wants to play in her 'porsche'. Then when it came to toilet training I heard she cried.

She's been sobbing alot recently when she sat there and didn't touch her work. For a hardy determined girl like her to soften and cry, it does sadden the mummy. Teacher show me what she didn't want to do, I explained she knows how to do that. Either, the Chinese teacher spoke to her in a language which she is not good in and she didn't understand (but... she sees pictures, she's able to understand what she has to do) or she's too affected with the diaper-free thing. School agreed to stop her after I told them she sobbed in the car for no reason after I picked her up from school. She wanted mummy to hug her and she slept in my arms; in the small car while waiting for che-che.

She didn't want me
Usually I take Wednesdays morning to have bonding session with her. But today, she didn't want me. She wanted to play in her porsche. Mummy's sad, mummy's raging hormones is getting her to be more sobby. Darn! My girl dowan me, I can't imagine when my girls get married and I'LL CLING ON TO THEIR LIVES; HOLD KEYS TO THEIR HOUSE AND BUG THEM.... AND .... GET KICKED OUT.

So here I am in a Internet Cafe nearby typing this. This place is my life saviour, on days when I just want to do nothing and do not want to go back home, I come here to surf the net before going off to the shops which opens at 11am.

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