Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CNY Baking II - Part A

Huh? Part A? Turned out the portion is really small. I need to bake another 2-3 portion more. Crazy.......not like my oven is big. I see the rotating plate turn until I go giddy. And it's one plate at a time. Argh!!

After my first bake on pineapple tarts, I needed a break from rolling those filllings into balls Yes - I do intend to bake another batch of pineapple tarts, I tried Cashew Sugi Cookies today. I love cashew nuts, infact all sorts of nuts (which kindda explain why I'm so nuts :) ) Not sure how it'll turn out but whatever it is, I still get my dose of cashew nuts.

I was a little smart by toasting, halve some nuts and grind the night before.

I started baking after dinner. Che-che liked it when she smell the aroma of the nuts mixed to make the dough, refused to sleep.
The cookies 'melt in your mouth' and leaves a nice sweet aftertaste. I'm not sure if sugis are meant to be like this, thought it was suppose to be crunchy? Hmm.... I love it no matter what. My taster aka che-che will probably get to try my 2nd batch.

Mission accomplished !成功!


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