Thursday, January 7, 2010


Mei-mei attended her 2nd Shichida class for the new year; new term. She's in the 4 years-old class now.

The first lesson last week was a full class. 3 other kids from another time slot joined us. And it was extremely noisy. Not used to the cosy, just 3 kids, classes we had for the last 2 terms.
I thought this week should be better. Still noisy, even more noisy like in a wet market. Sigh..... I got a terrible headache. Honest! The classes ended later, which means I don't have time to have a short chat with J and S after their class. We used to have nice chats in the school and then I go off for che-che's Berries class. Now, I can't. Lesson ends at 4.20pm.

But must admit the class is getting more interesting. Hubby haven't complained about the exhorbitant fees yet. I can't bear to withdraw her out should I need to put che-che or her in another class. (must keep expenses down) She loves Shichida, wouldn't want to miss Shichida at all. Months before, I had the choice of abandoning either Ros or Shichida coz' I couldn't cope with the logistics and homeworks etc.. She said she wanted Shichida.

I'm really tired from trying to print new flashcards. Coz' it's an on-going thing but she loves flashcards and will sit still and pay attention. Makes me feel guilty if I don't do anything. Know what I mean? Sometimes she even requests to du-shu and points to all the flashcards. Hmm......

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