Sunday, January 10, 2010

Macaroons II

Baked a full portion of macaroons. This time round, I decided to use my KA to whip the egg whites. It was much faster and less tiring thus baking was a breeze.

I love the filling. I realise it was too liquidy last week. Nope, it was the correct recipe but I should have left it longer to harden up a little. Too impatient and next time I shall do the filling 2-3 days before and freeze them.

49 macaroons. I tried to make some small for the kids. Realised I can pop the whole thing in my mouth, so macaroons should look big. People eat also more gian right? I so heart macaroons! Has that soft chewy texture, so next in bakelist would be green tea macaroons. I don't think I'll get many guinea pigs coz' people will go "eeks! green tea meant for drinking".
Not much macaroons this time round and I gift to 3 people. Ahem.. my guinea pigs. But at least I know that my filling portion can last me 1 1/2 portions. Or maybe I am too stingy with my filling. Heehee!

成功 or 失败? 成功!!

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Serene said...

i cant wait!