Friday, January 15, 2010


The school is trying to bring mei-mei to the toilet during school hours coz' I've raised up the difficulties I face to them. It started this week, on Tuesday. From what I heard, she cried in school. The school told me "yes, she's sitting." Yah.. I know I got to that part too. "Aricia sat for us too, and she dozed off in her potty", laughing as I said that. "Coz' we asked her to SIT, she sits. But she will never pee/poo."
Hmm... I really hope the school can help me but it goes to prove that I'm not joking when I mention this girl is tough to handle. Very determined girl.

A conversation between us.
M : "Aricia, you need more strength to push the door open."
A : "Yes mummy. I eat more then I have strengther to open the door."
M : "What? You eat more to have what? It's suppose to be 'stronger' "
A : "I must eat more so I am stronger."
M : "yes.........."
Fragile and 'touch-me-not'
Master Tan says this girl is very sensitive. If she senses that you are angry with her, her face turns red and tears well up in her face. She doesn't cry out loud but sobs. See her also heart pain... But it's because of her sensitivity, she's very sensitive to others' feelings. In other words, she angkats really well. Hubby dotes on her more too coz' she's more responsive to him.

To err is to .....
Everyone makes mistakes somehow and it's forgive-able (unless it's a continuous cycle then it's careless mistake). She made a small mistake in her school work and she gets into a minor "shock", face turns red and her eyes wet. Well, ask me, I say it's good she knows she's made a mistake. Perfectionist? Astounding YES!
When she had to make strips for her Shichida homework. She gladly coloured the paper, haven't gotten to colour the whole portion when she ran into the room to take che-che's scissors and snipped off the lines. KZ, who was in-charge of all her Shichida's homeworks, was out of the room for a short while screamed at her "ARICIA!!!" She quickly ran to me, " homework...." and about to cry. Almost forgetting that my girl is already 3+, I then asked her "why did you cut your paper when you haven't coloured the whole paper?"
A : (kept quiet)
M : Is it becoz' you heard what you're suppose to do from sensei?
A : (whispered) yes
M : what did sensei say?
A : I colour then I cut
Forgive-able for sure. It goes to show that she's been listening to instructions when you think she isn't. Double-standard from mummy? I think so too! I mean, if this were to happen with che-che. I'll nag the house down. But then, mei-mei is only 3+, if she's doing this same mistake when she's 7. I'll definitely be pissed off.

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