Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too pampered?! Neglected?!

Kids these days are really too pampered? Or parents too overly- indulgent or .... I'm super gniao with my kids?

There's always the debate of "should children be holding on to mobile phones?" Schools state, 'your mobile phone lost; your par-sah. We are not conducting checks.' (full stop)

I always say I'm not going to give my children any phones until they're much older. Thank goodness my girl sways to my nags and she also feels that "yah lor... I can always call you from the canteen phone or go to the office or borrow my teacher phone".

Days ago, prior to the start of the new school term, I overheard this conversation. "che-che, can I borrow your handphone? I am charging my phone at home." I was shocked. That girl was probably the same age as my che-che. The 2 girls have phones whilst my poor kids are playing with a fake plastic phone (and they seem so happy).

As technology advances, the kids have Facebook, Twitter and what nots. And to think this old maid me joins in the cyberworld a tad too late. And they play games in FB like nobody's business when I have problem joining one game.

Then I wonder >> how much time are the children spending infront of the computer? Have they done their homework/s yet?

When it was the school hols, the time when I used to jubilate and follow my mom around from dad's office to home (and claim I was helping my dad out in his office. I eat snake...). Decades down the road, my girl follow me 24/7. To be fair to her, she had her fair share of play and some work towards the end of the school hols.
Once I brought her to Timezone in PP prior to fetching mei-mei. I saw girls as young as 9-10 yrs old playing games with their friends; dancing. Woah! Very good leh!! Che-che was with me and then I think if my girls are going to be like them idling time away next time without parental guidance or should I keep a close tab on them- holding on to them tightly (like my mom did).
Perhaps it's much easier for me to say these coz' I'm a SAHM. FTWMs are cursing at me now. Perhaps I'm over-reacting...but I can't help but imagine if my girls mixed with the wrong company.

So are kids pampered or neglected (and get compensated by monetary terms)?

Coming to that, when it comes to pocket money. I gasped when I hear parents giving their children $5 daily. And the kids are only in P1!! I can understand if the child is in Secondary school. I am really very gniao (stingy). If the child saves the money - good. But kids are usually tempted with things in the bookshop and buy rubbish home. I know I did, I used to love those cute erasers and pencils. $5 for a working adult to eat in the foodcourt or hawker centre during lunch time maybe... $5 for food in school which are sold on the average $1 to $1.50 that's too much already. In return, kids do not know the importance/ value of money. This may lead to bad habits - being extravagant.

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