Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Che-che told me she wants to watch Disney On Ice again. Checked with hubby if he's going to bring us for a holiday during the school hols coz' I thought he mentioned something about Shanghai again. Nope! And so it's good news for che-che.

Booked for 3 tickets, this time I managed to get the first row. Yay! I pray hard my lil' girl will behave herself. First time I'm bringing her for a show. Knowing how difficult it is to handle this girl (I'm usually flat out!!) I think something must be wrong with my brlain - coz' I'm only putting myself in deep deep trouble. I can't be paying for KZ to help me take care of mei-mei coz' it's so ex. Then I have to be fair to her too right?

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