Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parent-Teacher Meeting

PTM with her FT this morning. FT was very disappointed with her results, she had expected her to do better as she has been performing well. I mentioned that I'm disappointed with her results as well thus I didn't want to sign her papers.

We discussed further and she thought if she could be bored in class coz' she knows it already and thus the "dreamy" attitude. Asks me if instead I can slow down and not give her too much work (alot meh? That girl every time dilly dally; waste so much time.) at home. But she's rather impressed that she knows some things which her classmates don't. Teacher now knows this mad is too proactive liao. Hahaha!

We also discussed a little on my enquiries with regards to being a Teacher Aide, she says with my commitment and time constraints with the lil' one - I can't be a Teacher Aide but I can help her out with some other thing. I agreed to help her. So Athena will not see her mummy in her class (for sure! Thank goodness.) but I'll be helping out behind. You know the important people always hide behind........ahem ahem. On the other hand, I have put in my name for the Teacher's Day PV . So I might be in school on that day. Wait till I surprise that girl,with her opening her mouth so big until all her teeth drop. Hee!

Chinese teacher said she is strong in her Chinese, she only needs to improve on her writing. Says she can't even write her name -'ling' properly. Huh?

I pray my girl will do much better for her next CA2 and SA2.

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