Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Dinner

Dinner was arranged at Saltwater Cafe in Changi Village Hotel.

Lil' one and Iggy had home-cooked food. They nibbled on snacks and mei-mei took alot of chocolate sprinklers, marshmallow coz' the che-che gave it to her. This is the time where I tend to close one eye to what che-che eats. She didn't eat much proper food but alot of junk food.

During dinner, lil' one was rather obedient. She did tell me she wants to 'come out' and when I did, she did behave herself. Iggy on the other hand, was walking here/there. Che-che had to follow him to take care of him, in the process my poor mei-mei was alone. So poor thing....... at home hubby asked her "why you never take care of mei-mei?" She cited her reasons but we felt so heart-breaking to see my lil' one alone. Iggy also tend to look for che-che more, don't seem to remember he has another cousin. sob sobs..

Verdict :
Food is so-so, price is too expensive. Not worth it! I looked at their staffs' uniform, it's too sloppy-looking and the girls' don't even bother about grooming.

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