Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls fighting

Can't believe it! KZ brought the kids up while I cleaned the car. I heard mei-mei's cries.

When I reached home, I was told they two of them had a fight from the lift to our home, in our home as well. Let's just say the scenerio was abit like those ladies trying to be bitchy and yank hair kind of fight.

What happened to the 2 of them?

Both of them in the wrong, both of them received their punishment.


Roslyn said...

Very strange, I dreamt of you and Athena last night. Finally 'met' up with you, though in my dream. Guess what? You were my neighbour. Bizzare!

Lily Ann said...

Wah........you miss me. Well either that or I'm your major nightmare.

My screams must have woke you up. Hahaha!