Monday, May 11, 2009

Sssh........."Your Paper Starts Now!"

Time check 3.27 pm and my girl is taking her English paper from MGS.

Crazy mother is prepping her up for a major exam when it's only a test and scores are not counted in. The only score that is taken into consideration will be Mother Tongue. I'm hoping she'll be in the best class. But why I'm pushing her is because this girl really needs alot of pushing and honestly I'm getting really exhausted. I wonder if I have the zeal to push her next year.

Okay, will see how she scores later.


Roslyn said...

Woah! Your girls are bound to be straight As students.

Lily Ann said...

Roslyn, I wish they are. I can probably give up on the idea on the nia nia Athena. But Aricia, that small girl, seems to have alot of potential.
Haha! Better don't speak too soon.