Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day To Me

Aricia's present
Monday, I was presented a flower made in Ros's class with help from me (????) by my lil' girl. And guess how that girl presented it to me? She was seated infront of me and she simply put her hand above her head and passed to the back to me without looking at me. How sad............

Friday, Teacher A saw me coming and then whispered to her. I saw the flower in her hand and Teacher A had to bring her hand forward to me when she saw that lil' one didn't have the intention to give it to me. Sad... But she was singing "tian xia de ma ma..." to me.

Then again, she's too young to understand. Taken into consideration that finally this year che-che really made something for me, I think it'll be another 4 years before she does it herself.

Athena's present
Tuesday, she showed me a card she made in school. A pop-up card she said. It didn't look pop-up to me, more like cut-out card.
And then she showed me another card, said her friend made it for me. ??? Asked if her friend made this for her mother, she insisted it's for me. Hahaha! Very funny! (didn't take pic of it)

Friday, she told me so excitedly "mummy, I buy you something. You guess what is it." I can't guess and she showed it to me in the car. I was very touched, I thought she hated me; I thought she didn't care about it coz' she always seem to rebel against me. But she still have a place in her heart for her mad mummy.
But when I saw she bought 2 things for me, the first question I asked her was "what did you have for recess?" "I had honey cornflakes" Hmm..."is that why you didn't have enough money after that to call me?" "No, the telephone spoil." (I asked her to call me coz' I needed to reconfirm that she didn't have any enrichment that day) I was more worried about her going hungry.
Told her that I loved the present she bought for me especially the pen coz' it's purple colour. She quipped "I remember you love purple colour." I appreciate all that she did for me, and I'll be happy with just a handmade card from her.

That's what she wrote inside the card
Cute hor?

Saturday, she kept asking me "mummy today Mother's Day?"

Sunday, I woke up to see a paper next to me. I must be so dead tired that I didn't know when she came to put it next to me. Just then she must be making her spot-check and saw me awake, ran out. Obviously very shy.

So touched!

Didn't dare to kiss me. Was busy the whole day today preparing her for her PSLE upcoming tests. What a day for me! Hope all the mothers I know had a great day!

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