Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers - Part I

Three days ago while I was having my lunch, I ate a dish which reminds me of the almost similar but better-tasting than the restaurant dish my mom made. Then I was choked, my tears almost welled up. I miss my mom's cooking. I told mom, and she said she'll try to cook for me. Next day when I was there, she didn't cook that for me but another favourite dish of mine. I want to savour every little bits (except the yucky gingers) and have it stored in my tongue RAM-card permanently.
My mom - tries to make us happy. Just like me trying to make my children happy. Athena requests for a cake / cookie, I try to bake it for her.

It got me thinking :

I never quite understand why my mom preferred to sit down (with a ruler) and struggled to read with her long-sightedness eyesight while teaching me Chinese. My school teach me, mummy.
Now I know why. Athena's only in P1 and I panic withover ALL her subjects.

I never quite understand why mom resorted to bribery to get me to work hard.
Now I know why. Kids love rewards. And better still if it's someone as forgetful as me who'd never remember what the rewards were

I never quite understand why mom used the cane on me
Now I know why, it's for my good (she feels) and so I thought since she brought me up well, this method should work on my children as well

I never quite understand why mom would call me at 10pm to ask me to go home, even before the fun begins in discos
Now I know why, I'm very protective over my 2 girls now

I never quite understand why mom would cry when I make her angry
Now I know why, my children break my hearts when they don't listen to me

I never quite understand why mom was so naggy all the time.
Now I know why, I started being naggy much earlier than her!

I never quite understand why mom would rather give up her meal for me.
Now I know why...... we'd rather feed our children than ourselves

I never quite understand the values my mom taught me
Now I know why, I am already trying to teach my children values

But there's something which I can really understand why my mom did all those things for me
Coz' she's a mother to me and my siblings. And a mother's love is selfless, no limit. It took me long to realise that it isn't easy to be a good daughter. But it took me a longer time to realise it's not easy to be a good mother. I have a good mother who tried her best to provide for us despite her health and because of that, I want to be a mother just like her to my children.

Mothers, give your mothers a big hug. And a big hug to yourself for doing such a wonderful job which nobody else can do.



Little Miss Snooze said...

Indeed. Mother's power.

Happy Mother's day to you.

Lily Ann said...

Happy Mother's Day.

*hugz hugz*