Saturday, May 9, 2009


Words that my girl added to her vocabulary

1. Oh man..........
2. Oopsy........
3. I do XX first, ok?
4. "Cannot XXX - (whatever things we do), scared!"
Stand here, cannot move!
Whenever she plays with her bear counter. She'll bring one to the wall and say "stand here, cannot move!" - imitating me (coz' I punish her to stand the wall quite often - she's very naughty)

What's that word to describe her?
I really have no idea what's that word to describe her. She's beyond cute; she's beyond charming. She ........... surprises me every day with something funny.
When I pick her up from school daily, she'd come out holding a teacher's hand. Sometimes with her backpack behind her. Sometimes she'd deliberately drag her bag by pulling one strap.
And also that "forgetfulness" or maybe "lor-sor" when she'll always ask me "where's water bottle?" Everyday!

I think we should just give up the idea of training her to go diaperless. During our training, she made us so confused when she'll tell you she wants to pee and then when we bring her there she screams when we try to remove her pants. Bring her out, next minute tell us she wants to pee, bring her in, she screams. Ai yoh........tiring leh, in/out the toilet so many times.
There were occasions when she had that accidental leak, one drop and she started crying out "ahhhh..........I sssh sssh........" runs to us, "wash wash", she can't stand the idea of her pee trickling down her legs. Sigh.........
Must admit during the training, KZ and me were kept really busy (for NOTHING!!)

But I must say, she managed one drop into the toilet bowl once. And for that, we gave her 2 stickers. And during the pee-ing process where she was crying out loud to be on the floor; want to pee but cannot do it; really like child-birth like that. Si bei jialat. That 2 stickers was more of motivation for us not her.

I wonder why other kids can pee/poo when they are trained. This girl can't. So I think I better wait till she's ready, or let the school do the dirty job for us. Hee!

We were suppose to cite examples of our child's displaying this virtue. Though I kept saying that my lil' one is a naughty girl to handle. I must say that she's rather obedient too.
1) She obeys commands 8 out of 10 times
2) She keeps her toys after play all the time
3) She takes her own bottle by herself and takes her che-che's bottle for her too. Very proud of her.
4) She keeps her own shoes and even helps her che-che. Che-che takes advantage of being the dai-ga-che and tries to boss around.
5) She helps to put the pail back after washing her hands in the toilet. (she goes into toilet to wash hand, she needs the foot-stepper, brings down pail, drags foot-stepper to the sink, washes hand/dries hand, drags foot-stepper back to position, carries pail to put back on top of foot-stepper. Once I noticed the pail was quite full and she carried it without complaining. she's not that bad afterall right? She's only got a nasty-temper, which she sounds/looks funny when she's fed up with us disturbing her and she starts to yabber scream in her 'I don't understand what the heck she's talking about' language.

Still seem to have that problem with her pronunciation. And I just realised something, when she's all so excited about something, trying to tell me something, she stutters. Heehee! Sound very funny.

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