Sunday, June 7, 2009


Came back in one piece but mentally drained. Blah..............

Hubby decided to join this trip this time round. I thought I'm game for the adventure since we we had so much adventure in our last long drive in NZ. And if I can survive on that long trip, this short trip is sup-sup-suay. In reality, if you thought that was a trip that brought me a step closer to God", let me tell you - this time round our trip was no better.scared smileys

The kids, I mentioned before, seems to be fighting alot recently. And when you have the 2 of them for the next 8 days, added on top of being confined to them in the car (where noise bounces around) for more than 8 hours of driving (with breaks in between) - it's horrible. The noise from them, from us - trying to stop them fighting. Che-che don't want to give in to mei-mei. Mei-mei also knows how to fight for herself, she even dares to scratch her sister (dunno where she learns it from) or beat her sister or....bite. Then sometimes it's mei-mei who starts the whole thing. Ai yah.... I don't really know where to start to explain. All I can say is my kids are barbaric like me.

We're lucky to have nice friendly people with us. That somehow made the journey enjoyable. Once we close the car doors, I need to bring out my whip to tame the children.

I was so proud of che-che, she was game enough to try canoeing. *splashing water at me* Hmm.... I haven't canoe-ed too for the longest time I can remember. Though haven't been working out for quite awhile, my arms didn't ache after that paddling. Hubby paddled us back to the boat while our guide swam back. Heehee! For non-adventurous people like us, it was a feat definitely to be out in the sun, sea and yucks sand. Certainly brings out the ah-soh me!! Hair bunned-up; face red; smelly;untidy.

Patong, the bar strip, is definitely not for the children. While walking back, we passed by one bar where the women were dancing to the pole, no stunts, but that kept our girls' eyes in that direction; head tilted upwards; mouth open. *slap head*

The next day, we saw the travs.. che-che said the girls are pretty. That puts me to shame!
And seeing them so slim .... I haven't worked on my NY resolution as yet.

We spent 3 nights in Phuket, in a rather nice
hotel. Good place to nuah, walk out and it's the beach. Nah! I hate sand. With that convenience to the sandy beach, I can't help but think this hotel should be one of the affected ones during the December tsunami.

At our last layover in KL, hubby decided to extend our stay since we haven't brought the kids to Sunway Lagoon before. Can't believe this family of spoilt; pampered people actually went under the sun (again). And that fierce lil' girl suddenly turned chicken. Ai doh! If one Ah-nia is not enough; we need to have another one who screams into your ears until you go deaf."I dowan.........I scared............." apparently she learnt all these from her sister lah!

Will we do this road trip again? I think without the kids will be fun, but since we usually don't join tours for our holidays ... going in a group will not have the flexibility that we like. But of course we have the nice company. If going alone across the causeway.... I'm paranoid over those robberies that we read in the papers.
Hubby asked if che-che wants to go Phuket again, we can always make a trip down every year.
I think the heat has burnt his head!!! Mummy wants to go air-conditioned places lah! And we'll fly in for sure if he intends to go there.

I don't like the idea of going through so many tolls in M'sia. Think it's absurd. Everything also want to charge money!! They charge a rental fee for those floats in Sunway. Siao! Once I was sitting in the float, (so bloody stressful. Wanna have fun also must lug that dumb big float around) while hubby brought the kids to play. This lady came up to me and said "this is my float." Crazy woman! She lost her float and think she can any-o-how point to one float and say it's hers? Told her that is mine and the number is tallied. Later I saw her looking out for her float. Duh...

Anyway, I do prefer to go to cooler climate areas - though our luggage will be heavy with winter clothings.I hate perspiration!

Photos :
*sorry this post is out really late, coz' I needed to upload the photos first

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