Thursday, May 14, 2009


Fed up! Frustrated! Pek-chek!

As I prepped that girl with test papers n quick revision, I realized she is very CARELESS!! And because of her carelessness, she has lost alot of precious marks. For that MGS paper, she scored 79%. She was repeating the same mistakes I had been correcting her. She could have scored 85%. Not satisfied, I gave her another paper after going through her careless mistakes. And again she repeated the same grammar mistake. It's always grammar! She's strong in her vocabulary n cloze passage. Comprehension she can score at least 3/5. So it's grammar plus her carelessness that you see those red-pen marked crosses.

I know she gets a little confused with subject-verb agreement so kept emphasizing on that.

Thing is, I didn't show her her mistakes and read out the questions to her one more time, she can tell me "it's 'flies' because it is singular." And so she understand the theory but ... CARELESS!
"How do you change from singular to plural?" My lil' grandmother can recite out how to change. "Then how come you wrote the wrong answer?" And then I hear the classic reply, "ay??" and puzzled look. Shucks! She could have scored 85% for that paper.
Now as I write this, I know I may get disagreements from my readers. Okay, I am very result-oriented. Some readers may not agree with me that scores is a test of intelligence. Hubby says it's okay, mom says it's "good already what?" she forgot she used to nag at me for bringing back lousy scores. I am an average student but even if I was, I scored 80+% despite my carelessness. What more now I know my girl is smart but she just lost the marks to carelessness. I said she's smart not to deceive myself (no gains for deceiving self). She can score better than her useless mother.

Did a CHS paper, she scored 75%. And I calculated, she lost 20 marks due to her negligence. So she could have scored 95%.
If I compare her Maths n English, I would say she is stronger in her Maths. Where's the problem? She never shows her workings, I deduct marks for her. She works her sums mentally, which I must say I am impressed coz she didn't go for any mental maths class. She works sums like eg. Lily has 9 apples, Athena has 3 more/less apples than Lily. How many do they have altogether? Not really a straight-forward question and it took her 30 secs or more to give me the answer. Asks her how she gets the sum, she shrugs her shoulders. Eh... it's a constant screaming "show me your equations!" for weeks. Once, on a Wednesday, I asked KZ to sit down next to her while I give Aricia her home session. For that 1hr plus, I heard KZ shout "yes, I know the answer is XX, how you get XX? Show me!" I acted smart after that, I told her to continue her screaming at her while I relaxed with Aricia, doing some games with her. I went out in a very cool and happy mood to TM. I don't know about KZ, she could have downed herself a big bowl of ice water to cool down. Hee! Evil me!
Okay, part of that 20% lost, 3 questions are the very direct "count how many rectangles etc.." Count also can count wrongly. ?? Oh! And there's another thing, she writes the correct answer on the workings (finally!) but write a different answer on the blank line. Argh!!!! I want to strangle that girl!!
Again, I asked her the rest of the questions, she answer me correctly. And then the classic "ay....?" So was it mental block? No, it's CARELESSNESS!!

I didn't have to worry much about her Chinese. She's strong in her Chinese. She usually scores 90++% for those Top School papers. And I can't really teach her Chinese. Really! I have to solely be dependent on Berries, go through her test papers and correct her accordingly. I can't teach coz' I'll end up speaking in half English half Chinese to her. She did a NChiau paper, 92%. Okay, no worries... And her strength, I realized she can remember how to write those chinese words.

I remember mom used to tell us we need to drink monkey brain soup. I think she did give us something to drink, yucks! (dunno what it was, must ask her one of these days) And even if it's really monkey brain soup she gave us, it didn't make me any smarter. I was an average student, always the top 10 in class (from the bottom), saying I qualify for GEP was just a joke. Athena don't need monkey brain soup...she is smart enuf, but prob I should let her eat mouse eyes - sharp eyes!

Why am I so hard on her? Frankly, I see myself repeating (if I'm still alive and well) the same thing 4 years down the road with Aricia. Perhaps it's the path that I took, and if only I had listened to my mom and studied hard. I wouldn't be a useless bum at home. (yah.... always regret later) but part of it also coz' I didn't want to go CJC and fail in my Chinese A's. Therefore a different path I took, a different life for me. I know Athena will hate me. Can I resign to fate? Nope!

Was passing a casual remark to hubby about alot of people commenting that a certain tutorial centre is good. He remarked, "is our girl that bad to require tuition?" "Not now, but maybe in P3-P4. By then I prob can't teach her anymore." But supposedly if she's absorbing things fast and well, she really shouldn't need any tuition until maybe sec school.She only lost her marks due to negligence.
Hubby also commented that 70++% is good enough. I tried to console myself saying that prob it's a Top school paper, so she should fare better in her school paper. Maybe he feels that way coz' he wasn't very competitive and came from a 'not in existence now' school. And to him, just study and get a job will be fine. Hmm.....

Top 3 in class? Will she get Top 3? I doubt so, if she's producing this kind of results to me. So there goes her Japan trip and there goes her Kitchen Set. Not fair!! Maybe as a punishment we should just travel without her!!

Crossing my fingers on her results.

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