Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st, 1st, 1st

I was losing some hope on Athena being the Top 3 student in class. My hopes all dashed!

Trying to loosen up a little, I talked to my lil' one when I was carrying her. "Aricia, next time you must study hard and be first in class, okay?"
"Next time you must be the best in class, in everything okay?"
" But I think before you are the first in class, you'll be the first to get hauled into the Principal's office."
"(ignorant) Okay!"
Dunno to laugh or not. I continued "First term, I get my first VIP invitation by the Principal. Better start building relationship with her first so I don't keep visiting her hor?"
"(ignorant) Okay!"
"First girl to get detention, first naughty girl.... but then I think I'm the FIRST PARENT WHO REFUSE TO SIGN HER DAUGHTER'S TEST PAPER!!"

Conclusion : It's always good to be the First!!

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