Monday, May 18, 2009

No more Tarzan

No more heart beating, thank God!

She scored 42/50 (84%) for her Chinese.
Emmm.. I'm expecting 90% but oh well, think she's deaf to my constant nags; I'm tired of my 'Tarzan'-beating my chest action, I swear my heart was palpitating the weekend with a throbbing headache. (okay, not her fault lah... I was a little mentally sick). I praised her for her work, which that girl can still gleefully tell me "I only make 8 mistakes", dunno if I should hammer her head with some sense "you mean 8 mistakes so good? Next time can make 9, 10, or more?" And encouraged her to work harder next time.

Her reward, which she is not entitled to actually coz' I earmarked at 90% - $3, 95% - $10. For 84% I gave her $2.
I must have lost my sense of calculations!!!

According to her, she said she's the Top 3. Yah, she's the 3rd girl in her class. The highest is 48, 47 followed by her 42. She's so proud of it... head must have swelled when teacher announced it in class... okay lah....I'm proud she came in 3rd for something. (which goes to show the Chinese standard in our school. - so jialat! Hahaha!)

I guess for that maybe she should be in the best class already. I will reconfirm that next time when I meet the teacher.

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