Monday, September 24, 2007

Too many boo-boos

Aricia has had too many falls already coz' she is very quick; agile as compared to che-che when younger.
Alot of times I tried to avoid her fall, reach out but both due to her agility & my aging response she somehow will fall.

But today's fall is really very pitiful. She was playing something at the coffee table. At first she was using the thing to hit the table. Suddenly she decided to hold the thing with 2 hands and she was...on her own. Before we can do anything, she fell sideways on her left. Ai yoh...As it is she's so skinny, I'm afraid she might break her bones when she falls.

Is she going to stand? I dunno leh.. but she's been leaning on her back these 2 days. But she's still so lazy. Leg no strength? Maybe I should let her eat frogs' legs??

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