Friday, September 21, 2007

私の 女の赤ん坊


On Thursday, 20th, she surprised me by standing alone for that 4 seconds before she fell in my arms. I didn't expect her to do that since she's so small; legs small and can't take the weight. I still think she will walk much later. Perhaps it's good - don't have to chase after her but as a mother, can be worrying - "is something wrong with my child?"

Hubby said "Aricia has grown up (mentally) during the trip", in my mind I thought grow smaller (physically) more likely - since she lao-sai and lost weight. Neighbour say she very 'sek'-alert in dialect. I replied, "she has to be sek, she's already 1yr old. She not sek at this age , she must be gong-gia."

That girl is always more vocal than che-che. She "talks" to us in her different 'babbling words'
Okay.... sometimes she does this :
- calls chi chi when she sees Athena
- calls de de de when she sees Iggy
- when I ask her "where is XX?" She points to it and says "teh.."

Peek-a-boo, likes to slant her head sideways - she looks adorable and then sometimes you catch her almost falling down on that slanted side. Ai yoh..she's that flimsy, think I need a plank to hold her.

She loves to play so much when it's her bathtime, yah I know all babies love water... so my point is >>> I had difficulty bringing her out from the bathtub. She has both hands on the sides of the bathtub - holding tightly (now I know what my mom means when she say I used to hold on tightly to the car when it's time for me to go to my nanny's house when I was a baby) and she puts up a fiesty struggle; kicking her legs like an Irish dancer.

I love to see her actions, she never fails to amuse me.

She knows what she wants
I must applaud her for being fiesty, knowing what she wants; will fight for it when she's older but we're in for trouble ourselves - if you know what I mean.
Because she knows she wants to play with this toy, I carry her to do something else, she cries and kicks her legs; struggle
Actually better than her che-che who's so ah-niah niah; everything "I dunno", "its okay" kind but we also fed up with che-che for not being decisive - worry she get bullied next time.
Umm.........perhaps Aricia will jump to Athena's defence when Athena's being bullied. That reminds me of the story of my elder brother & sister which will be put on later on.

Throwing things
I know all children keep throwing things at one point in time. But it's really frustrating to have a child who keeps throwing everything- I mean everything!
And mind you that girl's suppose to be feeding herself now. End up, she wants us to feed her things, then when I encourage her to feed herself - she throws it away. Sigh......

Miss Touch-Me-Not
She has this bad thing about her, she don't like her che-che touching her. Maybe coz' too rough with her?? But you know whenever I put them both behind in the car, Athena wants to sayang her mei-mei only to have her crying out as if che-che bullied her. Then che-che tell her off "you like this, che-che don't sayang you anymore." Tries again and mei-mei cries again.
But mei-mei goes on around poking people. When she does that to che-che, che-che will whine. Sigh.................if I had known, I should have stopped at one!

One more tooth
We made a discovery on Thursday - Aricia has another lateral incisor........on the top.
So weird, suppose to come out on the bottom first but she grows on the top, and one only. Probably another one will come out soon. I remember I always say her teething very late, as compared to her che-che but come to think of it, when it did, hers came out all in one short.

She gives me the boo-boo sign whenever she's tired of certain topics. I remember putting the Flags of The World away, now I need to put the Actions away too!

She likes anything that has sound in it. So she is happy when I do the Music notes with her, and recently I started on the animal sounds. And guess what? The second time I flashed her the cards she started making the sound of a hen and moo like a cow for me. Funny!

Baby signing
I dunno if it helps coz' so much positive things has been said about this. Perhaps I haven't been using much with her (how to remember??) that's why. She has clearly forgotten about her aeroplane and now she does "milk" for us.

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