Tuesday, September 11, 2007

31st August - Hi 5

Athena has been looking forward to this day for the longest time.

I reached there early, coz I needed to bring Aricia back home and the time didn't permit me suficient time to rest at home before leaving for Expo. Decided to head there straight after 'we exchanged kids' downstairs.

I was really really hungry........... had my lunch at Rocky Masters, Athena that greedy girl had a banana muffin.
Moo Han sms-ed me a day ago that she'll be there for the show too, so was hoping to catch up with her before the show. But then she was still at home (nobody's as crazy as me to head down so early). Anyway, should make a time to meet up with her one of these days.

As usual, merchandise were sold outside. To entice the children; to make all the parents broke. Shucks! I'm one of the penni-less parent. She wanted a T-Shirt so I got her that. Then she kept looking glumly when she saw another girl managed to pester her mummy for Jup Jup stuff toy. Seeing how poor thing she looks, and.... also I spoil my kid (read this : I keep saying mom and everyone in my family spoil her. But I think I'm the one!) I decided to surprise her by telling her I'm getting her Jup Jup too . She was elated beyond words. Goash! Should have seen that smile on her face; didn't need me to jump around like monkey trying to get her smile for the camera.
And she kept insisting on bringing Jup Jup instead of her favourite and well-travelled bear for the trip the next day. Had to convince her that Jup Jup is too big to go into our suitcase.

Then it's photo time!! Yah lor... hubby complain that I like to take too many photos.
I must admit that I was getting a little excited that I'm going for our first Hi5 show-wanted to know if it's really going to be that interesting. (the stingy me must go for different show cannot every year do the same thing, so this might be our first and last Hi5 show) But judging from the popularity, I guess it must be.

My seat's the 3rd row from the front. I thought I paid so much, they better allow the children to dance siah! It was brilliant! Ohh! I loved it when they went on the trapeze. They charmed the children. It took me awhile to convince Athena to go infront to dance. But as usual she was shy and frightened, and then I promised I'll follow her. Took her awhile too to dance and finally at the end of it she was dancing and dancing; laughing away. Clearly she enjoyed herself and me? - tired from standing.

I was quite irritated with this woman infront of me who had to walk into my picture screen when I snap photo and she had her head here and there in some photos after that. I didn't realise until she turned to talk to her son and her side profile.. I realised she's Pan LingLing. Quan Yifeng was there very early. After Pan LingLing, then I saw Hong Huifang coming in and sat down infront of me.

Intermission : - finally can see light and then realised so many of them. Lai YiLing, Huang Biren, Zoe Tay. I thought I saw Chen TaiMing (not too sure)
Took the opportunity to ask them to take photos with Athena. Not all of them, they were busy chatting so managed them 3.

Hong HuiFang carried Athena to stand on the chair between them and she was seen struggling with the pui pui girl. Haha!
Pan LingLing - met her a few times onboard before and she still looked so stunning
Zoe didn't obliged to the photo. Chey! (Tell you I'm really weird, I used to say Spice Girls, Simon Yam, Eric Moo, Jacky Cheung etc.. are only people what! And didn't really bother to ask to take photos with them but here I am..local actresses and ask to take photos with Athena?!)

The show continued to wow the crowds. On the whole, I think I can safely book tickets for next year.

Athena's favourite
They were selling balloons at the end of the show which I didn't buy her any.

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