Friday, September 21, 2007

2 babies = chaos

Never tried bringing two babies out together before, so decided to try it out for a short while today.

It was chaos, you have 2 babies who are so inquisitive and touching everything. Mom and me had to struggle to care for them while trying to put food in our mouth.

Attracted the attention of passerbys, thought everyone would ask if they're twins coz' they look the same size (except Iggy more pui than my skinny gal). But only 2 asked, mom joked "yes, one boy one girl." Please lah! At one glance may look same but the actions are different. Aricia is sitting upright and more vocal, clearly can tell she's older of the two.
Then two patrons in a restaurant commented that Iggy is very quiet and guai, whereas Aricia is more active and noisy. I had to agree with them coz' Iggy is like brother - very gentle nature & I was practically hearing Aricia's sharp voice throughout our meal. I commented they should have swopped gender and the lady told me "she noticed that girls nowadays are more active than boys, very different from last time." Umm... what's the cause of it?

Not many shots of them together, here's what I managed to get :

In the car, they were both pulling each other's pacifier. And Iggy being so good-nature... is very.... (ai yoh, I also worry if he'll get bullied next time or not). Iggy tried to pull out Ari's pacifier from her mouth, she can push it in then continues her quest to pull his out from his mouth, he never do anything except still trying to pull Ari's pacifier. Luckily there wasn't any "cat scratch (from Ari) and Bruce Lee kick (from Iggy)" fight in the car.

Will I bring them out again? Perhaps if there's another person to help out. No wonder there's a saying " you have 2 children, you need 3 adults."

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