Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aricia in class

That girl is so playful; more energetic than Energizer. I can't keep up with her.

The previous lesson on 14th, she was very edgy and making alot of noise. Last week sensei had to cancel the class (not feeling well) and replace it on 28th. As usual she'll be fretty and making alot of noise. I dunno leh... sometimes I wonder if it's me coz' recently when I brought her to class I've been feeling rather sleepy myself (from lack of sleep) she might have sensed me feeling bored; so it probably made her feel bored as well.

Got back her first term report : July to September 2007 from sensei
Areas of good potential
Aricia, you did well for your first term in Shichida. You display good ESP and photographic memory ability. You also respond positively to flashcards at high speed in class. You enjoy listening to songs and Sawako too. Aricia can manipulate objects with her fingers and also show interest in basic concepts introduced in class. Well done Aricia, keep it up!

Suggestions for Improvement
Mummy can try to play ESP games with her at home to further sharpen her innate senses. For linking memory, at this age, it's more of a input from mummy and to get her to recognise and pick out the correct picture when asked.

Parental Strength
Mummy plays well with Aricia and is consistent in home practice. Let's give Aricia a hug and praise her when she has done well. I'm sure she will be able to do better next term!

Umm.... Friday's class she was very noisy. At one point I wanted to bring her out of the room but then hor.... she was paying attention leh! I thought she wasn't looking but sensei sensing that I was giving up on her came in to help. She asked Aricia and she pointed to the correct answer. Then my girl refused to sit, wanted to stand. After I've finished with her something, she starts squatting and plays peek-a-boo. ?!?!
For the month of September, they've been on the subject on musical instruments. This week was to identify 4 other instruments - trumpet, tambourine, triangle and xylophone. First they played the sounds of each instruments and we do the input. Next, sensei will play the instrument and then the child is suppose to identify it. Aricia, at every second key will take the card from me and she got all correct. This is not the first time, infact for all the exercises on instruments and animals etc... she'll pick it out fast.

And as for sensei's comment on LM, I think I'm expecting too much from my little girl. It's true, I do get frustrated too when I give her the cards to choose the sequence she takes it, sees it and flings it. And here I am expecting a 1yr old child to bloody put it back in sequence for me. Remember I mention in one entry before she finally got it?? Well.....she went back to her usual self the weeks after. Probably she was possessed on that day, where she'll pick out the sequence for me and only making one mistake. At home practice, I'm trying and... okay shall be more positive * think positive think positive* In class, sensei asked her to point out the cards for her and she did. Argh! So... like what she wrote in her term report 'For linking memory, at this age, it's more of a input from mummy and to get her to recognise and pick out the correct picture when asked.' I shall do just that.

Home sessions
Sometime I think I should re-look at the way I do my lessons with her. Both GD and Shichida flash different things. GD flashes words, Shichida more of image at high speed. I was worried that she likes the image more, so normally begins my session with GD. Last few lessons, she was distracted with the cards I have on the floor. And she'll move her body towards the cards; bend forward ; point her fingers in that direction and make "neh" sound. She was probably telling me to do the cards first or asking me why the cards are on the floor & she hasn't done that yet. I dunno....
Now it seems I should do both at separate times. *Sians* x4 or x6 daily - no joke! Then I gotta repeat myself when Athena comes back home. *tired*
She does well for ESP at home as compared to her performance in class. As for image memory, yes quite good too. But I still have problem letting her do things with velcro. She'll start taking them off and throw it on the floor.
As for identifying things and words, yes - she can do it. She points it out or takes it from me. Once in awhile I notice that she has preference for her right hand, so those answers be it right or wrong, I don't count in. My result is based on random days of testing.

My expectations
At 18 months, Athena could identify letters and read out to me be it the correct side or the mirror image side.
At 18 months, Athena could point to the parts of her body when prompted.
So.... I hope Aricia prove to me that she's smarter by surpassing her sister in the least time. Okay! From tomorrow will flash the alphabets slower to her at a different session time.

** heng ah... got no No.3, I probably expect him/her to do the above before 1**

She "talks"
Aricia "talks" alot more than her che-che, I think it's becoz' being the youngest they learn faster. Yah lor.........just like I'm the youngest and I'm definitely smarter than both my brother and sister - and I marry fast too! *blar*
Last week when she was playing with the phone, she goes "bah bah bah" as if talking to someone. Today, I noticed she had some variation in her words. It wasn't "bah bah bah" anymore. Dunno, maybe should take notice for the next few days if it continues.
She now goes "bor bor" when I got her bathtub ready for bathtime. All thanks to my "Aricia, pom pom already..." I gotta stop saying that!

Now she starts making sounds for dog and cat, which does sound a little alike to me. But for cat, she makes an action on her mouth - probably trying the baby sign but she got it all wrong. I dunno, gotta observe her.
I like it when she does the "moo" for cow coz' she pouts her lips.
When she sees bird, she does something to her mouth and say "bah" Goash! She seems to be saying bah all the time.

The fighter snaps back
It's funny to hear how she responds when her che-che pass remarks about her. She argues back?!?!

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