Friday, June 30, 2006

Meet up with Jasmine

I'm so thankful that Jasmine, at my last minute notice, managed to find time to meet up with me.
It was a short chat of less than 2 hours but we had our laughs and talk about children. It's really nice to hear some interesting stories from her, cause afterall she's an experienced mummy of 3.
And you know until now, I'm still so envious of her. She still looks as gorgeous and slim as in school. 3 children and she's still looking good. One look at me, people thinks I'm a mummy of 3 instead of her.
I actually forgot to have a picture taken together, when the camera was in my bag. Argh! Next time okay Jasmine? With your permission too, I shall dig up photos of us taken many years back and post it in my blog.

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