Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The brain racking task - choosing names / Hubby thought of a name- yippee!

I had been thinking of names for my baby2 since I got to know the gender weeks ago.

As first born's name is of Greek origin; good meaning and uncommon - I thought of continuing to choose Greek Goddesses names. My friend, Marcus did ask me if I'm going to choose a name that starts with the letter "A" again. I said "maybe it's a good idea to find a Greek goddess with the letter "Z" - there's a beginning and there's an ending."

But no Greek Goddesses names starts with "Z", except for "Zeus" Ζευς, which is a male name. But then again, son will be laughed at for such names. I want an uncommon but not to be teased at names. Also a name which is easy to pronounce. Even now, I get so frustrated when a simple name like Athena Αθηνά (pronounced as a-THEE-nuh) for my girl have me correcting people when they call her a-t-nah or worst still - my hubby's friend totally changed her name to as-ti-nah. Argh!!

When you mention about Greek Goddesses, there are so many including agriculture, wine etc... Huh??

Then it came down to :
1) Aphrodite : Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. According to The Odyssey she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione, other myths speak of her as springing from the blood of Uranus after Cronus castrated him, and floating on the sea to Greece, where she was met by the Three Graces (who will be discussed later). The latter is the more accepted version. Personally I dislike her because she is exceedingly vain and thinks only of herself. I like to laugh at her eternal beauty and loveliness because she was a great grandmother of another God, Dionysus (who she also had a child by). She was married to Hephaestus, the Smith God, but she lusted after Ares, the much disliked God of War. She was also the patron Goddess of Prostitutes. - (huh?? Prostitute??)
2) Alethea : Goddess of Truth. She was born of Zeus and Apollo's nurse.
3) Artemis : Goddess of the Hunt. She had 50 hounds and 50 Dreiads (wood nymphs) and a quiver full of painless silver arrows. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto as well as being last of the Three Maiden Goddesses. She was also a part of the Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess was the Moon in three forms. Artemis didn't carry the moon across the sky, yet she was still known as the moon. Although she was stunningly beautiful, she was very cold and she swore never to marry. She had only one love, a hunter named Orion (and even that's debatable). She was the Protector of Young Women. She was incredibly cool (coming from a young woman).

I like Alethea Αληθεια(uh-LEE-thee-uh) the most. I think Aphrodite and Artemis is too... more suitable for beauty salons' name.

Never mind, still have time to go through the names.


Last night hubby came back and suggested this name for our baby2 - Aricia(pronounced as AH-ree-shah)

Aricia : Princess of the royal blood of Athens

I thought it's quite nice name. And she may not be using a Goddess name but since there's a 老大- her elder sister who's a Goddess to protect her. Why not?? I only hope that when we confirm this name, nobody calls her "Alicia". Promise you, I'll start whacking that person up!

Comments on the name


Little Miss Snooze said...

How abt Althea? Not sure if its greek..hee, but sounds nice. And similiar to Athena

Aricia - sure pple think is mis spelled from Alicia.

pigbylicious said...

ya i agree. sure confirm guarantee with chop ppl sure pronounce it as Alicia.

Liliane said...

Althea is Greek (in Greek myth she was the mother of Meleager. Soon after her son was born she was told that he would die as soon as a piece of wood that was burning on her fire was fully consumed. She immediately extinguished the piece of wood and sealed it in a chest, but in a fit of rage many years later she took it out and set it alight, thereby killing her son.) - gasp!
I brought up Alethea to hubby, and he liked it too.
So, maybe now it's time to go through the indepth meaning of the 2 names, and choose one.
Yah... I may end up killing ppl...hee!

Little Miss Snooze said...

aiyoh. sorry ah, I nvr go find meaning anyhow throw up a name. Haha. Just thatI heard of Alhtea before :)

Liliane said...

Apologise for what? it's ok. But I think Altea is derived from Alethea.

I like to go into deeper understanding into a name.So when ppl ask, can share the meaning.