Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Triple test

Just what is Triple Test?

Pregnant women are routinely offered a blood test called a triple test. This screening test (not diagnostic) measures the amount of three specific proteins in a pregnant woman's blood. This test is also known as: Triple Screen, AFP Plus, Multiple Marker Test, or Prenatal Risk Profile Test.

This "triple test" is mainly used to identify pregnancies which may be at increased risk for:

* Down syndrome
* Neural tube defects NTD (spina bifida or anencephaly)
* Other birth defects

Abnormal results must be confirmed by a diagnostic test (amniocentesis) combined with a high resolution ultrasound performed by an expert in birth defects and laboratory studies of the amniotic fluid and cells including chromosome studies.

You must think through what your reaction would be to a positive test result, and you should undergo genetic counselling before accepting any diagnostic tests (Amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus sampling).

Before you opt for screening, keep in mind that early screening tests are not very accurate. The large majority of women with a positive Triple Test prove after Amniocentesis not to have a Down's Syndrome baby. In addition, these false positive results can cause a great deal of anxiety, creating added emotional stress at a time when you need it least.

Thoughts from me:

It's really scary thinking 'what if', 'what if'.

I'm against abortion and I think children are a gift from God. I've seen children with DSyndrome who behaves normally and responds well to me - but not to forget my time with them is only that less than 30 minutes. Would I react the same way if it's my child? I have to face him/her the rest of his/her life.

Although I preach I'm against abortion, will the situation make me change my mind?
Will I or will I not? Would you?

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