Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh what a Day!

In the morning the contractors came by to make her room look like a room. Work started at 10am, they came by with lots of furnishings which I couldn't make up what they are. Slowly slowly they fix up the pieces. To my horror, one piece of slab in our room was chistled off our wall when they drilled to fix up her cabinet. Darn! HDB flats nowadays...
They left at 1plus close to 2pm, far ahead of what they anticipated. So it means that instead of them doing the touch up (and me packing her things in tomorrow), I can do them today. Yippee!! But it also means having to mop up the floor and cabinets today. Let's bring out the gloves and cloths.
Plan : Can bring girl home tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Umm... I wonder what will her reaction be? Am I more excited than she is??
As for photos and videos, I will upload them another day when I have access to my brother's computer.

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